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Here you are, the newest and therefore most exciting page on this site.

What follows is a list of freebees (sorry, no actual bees involved) straight from us to you.

You are most welcome.


Scrivener Blog Template

I'm a Mac user and thus I relied heavily on Pages for most of my writing. That was before I discovered Scrivener. Yes, it has a lot of bells and whistles you may never use and there is a learning curve (though not a big one), but if you are a serious writer, I think it's the best software out there. I use it for any major writing project, this website included.

One great thing (of many) about Scrivener is you can save out and download templates based on what sort of writing project you're doing. Well, try as I might, I couldn't find a good blog template for the Mac version of the software, so I made one myself.

Now you too can have it:

Scrivener Blog Template (for Mac)


Idea to Done Email Course (in progress)

I've got a 10-part email course in the works. I'll tell you more later.

Whatever you do, don't hit that button below. I mean it!


Idea to Done E-book (in progress)

Along with the email course, there will be a snazzy e-book. All free, of course.

This following button is even worse than the one above. Don't you dare ...