Guidelines For Guest Contributions


A few guidelines to give you an idea what I'm looking for, don’t let them constrain you.


  • Start by telling us a little about yourself, such aswhere you live, your occupation and favorite hobbies or interests.
  • Preferably, post should land within the 200-600 word range, please stay under 800 max words.
  • Content ought to be helpful to readers. Consider what unique advice or insight you have to offer.
  • If you share a story, I suggest it includes these basic elements: has conflict and a goal, adds value to the reader, a takeaway or lesson.
  • Nothing insulting or derogatory. Criticism is acceptable, but it must be heartfelt and for the benefit of those being criticized.
  • Nothing with political bias. By that I mean discourse favoring one particular party over the other. There’s a place for such discussion, and it's somewhere else: such conversation soon grows heated and divisive—the opposite of my goals for the site.
  • I’d prefer you not use swear words or crude language. Feel free to discuss mature topics, but in a respectful manner. This isn’t a children’s site, but I also do not wish to turn away those with stronger sensitivities. I do think there are acceptable occasions where a choice word may be used; I understand there are times when an emotion may be so strong that only such a word can best convey it, so I ask that you use discretion. On a more practical level, the overuse of swear words makes one appear less intelligent—something I think best to be avoided.
  • Be creative! Even more important, be honest. We want to hear YOU.


So, what should you write? Anything of importance to you, something you're passionate about or a personal interest. It could be something you’ve learned from your occupation or area of expertise. Maybe something surprising you’ve discovered about creativity. It could be a life lesson that has stuck with you, or an experience you’d like to share. Basically, anything goes as long as it’s something you believe will help others think or be more creative or provide a new and interesting insight.

I may make small changes and corrections (I’m thinking grammar and spelling here) before publishing your work, but I will allow you to view them and give your consent before they are made public.

Also note: any material you contribute remains yours alone. I, A.P. Lambert, will not use your work on this website or in any other form without your express permission and I claim no rights to or ownership of your content.

And last (but far from least), if you have a link to a website or material of yours, send it my way so I can include it. Same goes if you'd like me to use a profile picture for your post.

Submissions or inquiries may be sent via the contact page.

Thanks, I look forward to reading what you have to share,

A. P. Lambert