What exactly is Creative & Beyond?


This is a website (obviously!) with a focus on creative thought and practice. It’s a place for creatives to learn, grow, experiment, share, and (of course) create as a community. What's the end goal? To encourage, appreciate and promote creativity in every form it may take.

Here you will find something different from the norm—something useful, entertaining, insightful, inspirational, even uplifting. Whatever may turnip (or sprout out), creativity is what it’s all about, folks! Think of it as the salt, pepper, sprinkles and/or chocolate drizzle of life (not all at once, please).

At present, you can expect a weekly post (or complain profusely if I miss it). There are a few other surprises on the distant horizon—things like  contests, challenges and courses—but you’ll have to hold your stallions and mares, because they aren’t here yet. All in time my dears, all in time.

Well, what else are you waiting for? Come on in, join the fun! The water’s just right and we have a kiddie pool filled with Jello. Oh, the woolly mammoth ate it all? And a real shame it is. Hey, I hear we’re now doing woolly mammoth rides—no height requirements! 

So let’s get better at what we love, go the places we want to be and make something amazing, together.

If you’re itching to learn yourself some more (or have a bad rash), check out the first post, right here (no prescription necessary).

A few side-notes:

  • I reserve the right to be wrong and likewise give you, the readers, commenters and contributors, the right to correct me. Fair 'nuff?
  • Unlike much of the internet, I want this to be a safe place, free of judgementalism (maybe I just made that word up, hey don't judge me) and hatred. As such, I and any moderators will not tolerate content deemed as attacking or degrading. Discussion and disagreement are fine—healthy even—but there’s no good reason to be a jerk about it, not even a royal one. Likewise, no trolls. You know who you are, back under the bridge with you!
  • Feel free to contact me for any reason whatsoever, be it suggestions, contributions, critique— whatever, I welcome it all with arms wide open (uh, not that lame Creed song). I will reply as soon as time permits.

Oh yeah, last thing, I mean it:

If you’re keen on guest-posting here, check out my guidelines.

Perchance you would like lil’ ol’ me to fly on over with a post for your site, let's talk.