So, you’re wondering, who is this Lambert guy anyhow?


A.P. Lambert is a creative professional who helps others live with creativity and purpose.

But c'mon, that's just a blurb for the papers. The full story, on the other hand (or foot), would take years to tell, mayhaps eons. You still want more (don't you?), so here’s the skinny, the low-down, the digs, if you will:


A.P. Lambert has dipped his figurative ladle in many a creative sauce-pot, even taken a heaping portion from a few. His experiences include (but are not limited to) animation, graphic design, video editing, music (guitar and percussion), special effects, game design, painting, drawing and (most of all) writing. He’s worked on a few video game titles you may have heard about (Gears of War, Uncharted, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat), a few movies you might have seen (Invictus, Tron:Legacy) and some commercials to boot (like that first Kia Soul commercial with the dancing hamsters and the robots—you know the one).


The creative force has been a major part of his life for as far back as he can remember. Whether it was making up a song to play on the guitar, drawing pages and pages of new alien races, showing up to act in a Shakespeare play dressed in motocross gear, designing board games, or just throwing unusual ingredients into his lunch (salami and cheese waffle sandwich anyone?), he's always had the desire to try new things, to make new things and to do things a tad different.

While his true passion is creative writing (both fiction and non), he always has a few other projects in the hopper, like designing a board game … or four.

Relationally, he’s a Christ-follower, husband, dad, and a friend to many. He’s an all-around-decent guy (though, let’s be honest, a little wacky) who can be found wondering (and sometimes wandering) around Los Angeles, CA. He aims to aid, encourage and inspire anyone and everyone he crosses paths with.

If there’s some way he can help you, he really wants to know about it.