[original photo by  Snufkin ]

[original photo by Snufkin]

It was late winter, a chilly gray day after a weekend of sleet and rain. We hit the road again, not quite ready to return to the traffic and business of life in Los Angeles. 

It can be hard sometimes to leave a place of beauty, to say goodbye to friends and family in order to return to the place you live and work—the place you call home. We had a long drive ahead of us, one in which to contemplate our current state and our future.

Such trips can feel like going backwards, away from the things you want out of life, back to a more difficult place. Are we where we should be? Are we doing the right thing? The mood was dark—heavy—like those weekend clouds full of water and ice. But the sun broke through and clouds began to disperse.

On a winding mountain road
We zoom past bright patches of snow: white quilt-work against the dark, clean gravel
Just then, I’m surprised—an unexpected shift
A flit of red
A cardinal takes to the air
My spirit lifts
I look up and see the bright winter sky
I breathe deeply, my head clears
I’m ready for whatever comes next
At least for now


There is something cathartic about a poem, healing even. I don’t write them often (nor do I consider myself an accomplished poet by any measure) but I do enjoy reading a good one. There is a freedom which comes from a figurative, non-standard choice and arrangement of words. It is surprising, unexpected, beautiful.

Today, it’s time for our first Creactivity (a creative activity, in case you found that portmanteau confuddling). I’d like you to write a poem (or share one you’ve written). It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. I certainly doesn’t have to be perfect (I think I've proved that to you already). Just think of the last time (or any time) you were taken by a strong emotion. How did you feel and did something cause the feeling to change?


Hey Creatives, have you ever written a poem during an emotional time? If not, how about you give it a try now? Please share it with us in the comments below (if you really don’t want to write one, you could share a favorite poem you’ve read).

A.P. Lambert

A. P. Lambert is an author and creative professional who helps other creative entrepreneurs achieve more and find purpose in their work.