a sense of place


We took a trip out to Idaho this Thanksgiving to visit family. 

We were rewarded not only with great company and lovely memories, but some stunning scenery. It is a beautiful and surprising place.

Yes, I did take the picture above.

I enjoyed tasting huckleberries for the first time, getting to know three friendly Swiss carpenters who also enjoy boardgames, catching my first fish (and also quickly losing it again to the river), viewing epic sunsets, walking along abandoned railroad tracks, assisting with puppy training, eating too much great food, and sharing my children with a warm house-full of friends and family.

No matter where I am, I find each local offers a unique sense of place. 

I love to experience different cities and towns, to follow trails and roads that lead to wild places.

I’ve been taking time to appreciate the beauty of my own new home and how peaceful it is. Of course, I’m comparing it to my former life in LA, so it’s a big contrast.

The landscape, weather, mindsets, fashion, recreation, food, sounds, wildlife, etc. all contribute in interesting ways to make anywhere you go a place like no other. 

Combine all this with your own internal state of mind—your personal hopes, fears, and dreams—and you end up with something which leaves behind a permanent impression on your life.

If you are intentional, you can allow every place you visit (or reside) to help you grow creatively, because every place has something different to offer. 

But, it turns out, not every place has wild huckleberries.

A.P. Lambert

A. P. Lambert is an author and creative professional who helps other creative entrepreneurs achieve more and find purpose in their work.