Done! The audiobook


I expect you’ve heard about my eBook and e-course, Done! Finish Your Creative Project in One Month.

They’ve been out for a little while now.

Well, after talking with some friends about it, I’ve discovered that a good number of people just don’t read much in the way of eBooks. As interested as they are in getting their creative projects finished, they’re not as keen on reading about that.

If that’s where you are, I totally understand. You already struggle with finding time to work on your creative stuff. How would you have the time to read about it?

Well, my creative friends, I’ve got a solution for you:

The Done! audiobook

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Now you can listen to the book while driving, working your day job, or actually doing the creative thing you should be doing.

Thanks to the vocal skills of narrator Dallin Bradford, this audiobook is a quick listen and is sure to help you finally finish those cool projects you should be working on.

You’ve got no more excuses. So go ahead, give it a listen and get crackin’ on your creative endeavors.

A.P. Lambert

A. P. Lambert is an author and creative professional who helps other creative entrepreneurs achieve more and find purpose in their work.