One thing particular to life in LA is the lack of seasons. Sure, it gets a little chilly in the winter and hot in the summer, but, most of the time, it’s a nice day outside. It’s one of the reasons so many people live there.

I didn’t realize I missed seasons until I moved away. There’s something special and important about changes in weather patterns and how they mark the passage of time. For me, it creates a mental expectation of change. Without that, I had a vague sense that time was passing, but most days felt just like the one before. There was an ongoing sameness that dulled me.

Seasons bring their own challenges, and also their own moods. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring each have a different feel to them—a special uniqueness.

Much like the annual seasons, there are also seasons of creativity. There are times of newness and discovery, times of repetition and improvement, times of rest, and even times of loss and failure. Each one is an important part in the cycle. 

Currently, I’m entering a time of trying new things and also bringing old projects to a close. I’m learning to allow and plan for the time each creative undertaking requires, rather than trying to rush through it. I’m also learning which investments yield too little results to continue.

After having been through some big life changes, and a time in which I didn’t accomplish much in the pursuit of a creative career, I’m now returning to routine practice, goal setting, and measured growth.

I’m still figuring out what is most important and how I should best manage my time, while also experimenting. As I hear someone describe: when you’re getting started, you just throw a lot of spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks. Though I’ve done all that before, I’m rearing up for another round of spaghetti chucking.

How about you, have you thought much about what season you’ve come from and which one you’re entering?

changes & parenthood

[original photo by  Katii Bishop ]

[original photo by Katii Bishop]

Learning to adapt to changes is a big part of being a creative. No matter what stage of life you’re in, change is guaranteed, because pretty much nothing stays the same forever. I’ve been a dad for over a year now and a lot has changed since then:

  • It’s now completely normal to be staring someone in the face while they are pooping (and I don’t just mean in the mirror).
  • Everyone goes by a different name. I used to be really confused as to why parents call the other one Mom or Dad, because, that’s what I’m supposed to call them. But now my wife is Mommy and my parents all got new names like Mima, Papi, Nana, Grandpa, Grammy and Papa (I have a lot of parents).
  • I constantly refer to myself in third person. Daddy doesn’t like you to do that. Daddy loves you. Daddy doesn’t understand why you’re screaming mad right now, maybe you can help Daddy out on this one?
  • Repetition. I repeat almost everything now. It must be some kind of bioengineering that helps the little tykes learn easier because I don’t think I used to do that before, before, did I? Did I?
  • Germs have become much less of a big deal, especially when it comes to eating, washing of hands and non-food items entering the mouth, because really there’s only so much you can do.
  • Touching things which have touched poop, or, heaven forbid, touching the mess itself, has become a daily possibility. And I thought it was bad when we got a dog, boy was I wrong.

Yes, many changes, many involving human excrement—oh the joy! But, you know what, as unpleasant and uncomfortable as some of the changes may be, they’re all worth the incredible experience of watching and helping my little girl learn and discover life. Life, after all, is full of change, and if it isn’t, it gets pretty boring. So I encourage you to look for creative ways to celebrate the good things which bring change in your life.


Hey Creatives, what are some unexpected changes you’ve faced lately and how have you dealt with them? Let us know in the comments below.