road signs

During my drives between California and Arizona, I’ve noticed a huge creative discrepancy in the light-up road signs with programmable messages.

CA road signs have messages like

“Click it or ticket”
“Buckle up its the law”
“Slow down save lives”

Why, those signs should be considered criminal, potentially causing collisions after boring drivers to sleep. And “slow down” why, if I went any slower on the 405, I’d be going in reverse! Sorry, LA traffic rant. It happens.

AZ road signs, however, have a bit more flare, like:

“Drive hammered get nailed”

I even saw this one over Christmas:

“There is no speeding through the 7 levels of the candy cane forest”

Even if you think such signs are annoying, you have to admit, someone was having fun that day in the office.

Whelp, looks like the ball is in your court, California road sign writers, how about you,

“Write clever or hit the road!”


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