Today is my first recommend, where I share something creative I’ve been enjoying lately.

I’d like to welcome ... drum roll please. What? We don’t have any drums? Sheesh! Well, can you just kick a trashcan over or something then? Man, who is running this two-cent operation? Oh, right.

I proudly present to you:

Astronomy Picture of the Day


Every day, they post beautiful imagery of space and atmospheric wonders. I admit, I’ve nabbed a lot of excellent computer backgrounds from them. What’s more, each one has a stellar (pun-tastic!) write-up done by a professional, often with a dash of wit thrown in (ah, my favorite seasoning).

In recent space news, scientists just discovered a bunch of Earth-sized planets, some of which even have conditions for liquid water, all a mere 40 light-years away! Anyone up (or down, it's space, so it's all relative) for a little interstellar road trip? You can find out more on yesterday's apod.

Seriously, people check apod out, you won’t be starry you did (hyuk, hyuk).


Hey Creatives, do you have a favorite website you go to for inspiring images? Let us know in the comments below.

A.P. Lambert

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