Today is my first recommend, where I share something creative I’ve been enjoying lately.

I’d like to welcome ... drum roll please. What? We don’t have any drums? Sheesh! Well, can you just kick a trashcan over or something then? Man, who is running this two-cent operation? Oh, right.

I proudly present to you:

Astronomy Picture of the Day


Every day, they post beautiful imagery of space and atmospheric wonders. I admit, I’ve nabbed a lot of excellent computer backgrounds from them. What’s more, each one has a stellar (pun-tastic!) write-up done by a professional, often with a dash of wit thrown in (ah, my favorite seasoning).

In recent space news, scientists just discovered a bunch of Earth-sized planets, some of which even have conditions for liquid water, all a mere 40 light-years away! Anyone up (or down, it's space, so it's all relative) for a little interstellar road trip? You can find out more on yesterday's apod.

Seriously, people check apod out, you won’t be starry you did (hyuk, hyuk).


Hey Creatives, do you have a favorite website you go to for inspiring images? Let us know in the comments below.


As you’ve noticed, the name of this site is Creative and Beyond. You may wonder why I added the beyond and didn’t just go with
Truth be told, the domain was taken, as was 100 others like it. These days, you have to get pretty creative just to find a decent domain still available. I mean, you would think might be available, but you’d be wrong. Anyways, there is actually a good reason it’s called Creative and Beyond. But I’ll never tell …

I kid, I kid. I’m about to tell you right now, in just a moment, right after I—oh, sounds like the laundry just finished—be right back.

There, had to hang the lederhosen out to dry with the ascots. Don’t ask.

Now, what were we—oh right, why the beyond? Here’s why: as much as I want to keep creativity center stage (and I aim to), I have to admit there’s more to life than just being creative all the time.

Creativity is an excellent springboard and a helpful guide along the way, but it isn’t the final destination. Really, it’s not a destination at all. While creativity helps us get where we’re going, and provides the fuel to get there, it’s not the reason we go in the first place.

You don’t board a spaceship because you like traveling in spaceships (ok, maybe some of you would—scratch that—maybe I would). No, you get on that ship because you want to go see the stars, or, at least, the planets and such in between—the stars are too bright to look at up-close for long, and way too hot to visit.

Here’s my point: you begin with creativity, you continue with creativity, but you don’t stop there. Creativity is its own reward, but it also demands a purpose, a reason for being, and end goal. Life itself requires purpose, otherwise, what’s the point? Every person does have a purpose—whether they know it or not. If you don’t know yours, then it’s time to begin the search.

Naturally, as a Christ-follower I find purpose in serving and obeying him. For me, everything else comes second (or is viewed in light of it). Now, you may be inclined to look elsewhere for your purpose—I get that. But whatever it is you believe, you still need to know your numero uno, your ultimate goal, why you're here kicking up dirt and what you hope to accomplish before you bite the dirt.

Unless you have a purpose, a desired destination, you're going to lead a very aimless and fruitless existence. You won't be satisfied because, how can you be if you don't even know what you want? Whatever it is you're going for, creativity can help you get there. A creative approach can even help you find meaning and purpose to begin with, but being creative, in itself, is not it.

If you are on that search, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What are my interests and what do I enjoy about them?
  • What talents do I possess?
  • Where do I have the most experience?
  • What particular resources do I have?
  • What special connections do I have?
  • How can I use my interests, talents, experience, resources and connections to do something great?
  • What is my story—the details of my life in which I find meaning?
  • How can I share my story with someone else?
  • How might I use what I have and who I am to add value to others?

Purpose, like creativity, comes from being part of something bigger than yourself. Until you're willing to step beyond your own boundaries, purpose will remain out of reach. So stretch yourself, ask hard questions and maybe even take a big old leap into the unknown, who knows where you'll land? (I certainly don't)

We’ll keep circling back to creativity, sniffing it out with our collective nose (potential band name?) to the ground, because it’s essential, but we’ve also got to keep our eyes on the skies, always looking to move upward, beyond, to where we’ve never gone before.

Creatively yours,

A.P. Lambert


Hey Creatives, where do you find meaning or purpose in your life? Yes, it's a big question, but what better time to think of it than the present? Let us know in the comments below.

It Begins

I find the phrase “it begins” or “so it begins” a bit ominous, don’t you? It hints at something great but also dangerous—a dramatic shift. While it may not compare to a zombie apocalypse or a technological revolution, starting a website or blog can feel that way. It’s a commitment, a risk, but also an opportunity. The same goes for any new endeavor we may embark upon.

Yes, starting something new is tough, sometimes terrifying; it can feel like the hardest thing in the world, like stepping out on a ledge over the Niagara Falls and doing a cannonball. In other words—it’s not safe. 

On the other hand (or foot), life is too short not to try new and unfamiliar things. If we don’t try, we don’t grow. Instead, we stagnate—like a mosquito-filled peat bog. Gross. 

As risky as it is to try new things, doing nothing isn’t safe either. I’d say it’s more dangerous, in fact, it can kill us—just a lot slower and more subtly. Besides, its not nearly as fun.

When we make plans to try new things, we will face the temptation to put them off until tomorrow. It’s a temptation I know all too well. The problem, as I’m sure you know, is tomorrow never comes. Today is the day to take the plunge, to dive off your safe little plank into the great unknown. It’s scary, but what a rush! And that plank you clung to was slowly rotting away anyhow.

Well, since I don’t want to get all smelly and moss-covered like a bog (or become a hotbed of large, toothy reptiles) I’m starting this site. For other reasons as well. Yes, I’ve gone back and forth on whether I even should, whether I’m really qualified to do something like this, whether I’m the right person. I’m sure you’re familiar with that nagging voice of doubt inside. At last, I decided: what the heck, the time has come, I need to do this. So here we are, let’s find out what happens next.

Another valuable lesson I’ve learned through this is the importance of accepting imperfection. It’s easy to put off doing something or finishing it until you feel it has reached a level of perfection. Problem is, perfection is pretty much unattainable, which means you’re never going to finish or even get started. As author and writing coach, David Farland has said, “You never attain perfection.  You just keep approaching it.” There are many things I wanted to do before I launched this site but just haven’t had time to implement. And that’s ok: as I work on it, the site will get better and better over time, as will you and any creative project you undertake.


Before we go on, there’s something I need to tell you, something about me. I’m not some guru who sits alone atop the mountain, thinking deeply and dispensing wisdom to the masses below—not even close. I struggle, get frustrated, mess up, get depressed and wrestle with doubt as much (if not more) than anyone else. I’m down there in the valley, pushing around boulders, finding my way through winding narrow paths. I’m just an average guy, nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. But that’s not entirely true. And it’s not entirely true of you, either. Because every single one of us (child, woman, man, alien or cognizant shrub) is important, everyone matters, from the lowly to the lofty.

You see, creativity often doesn’t come easy for me, nor does writing for that matter, but I don’t abandon either of them. As Thomas Mann wrote, “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” I think it’s the particular difficulty, and the drive to overcome it, which makes one excel, which makes them special in a given area. To be creative is to struggle against the ordinary.

When you come down to it, no one is ordinary—not one single soul. Everyone has something to offer—a gift, the potential to change the world, but not everyone will use it. I’ve heard it said potential is perishable, so let’s not allow ours to mold like month-old pumpernickel. There is no better time to be creative, to start something fresh, to ask big questions and search for big answers than this very moment. 

If I, a regular guy (hey, I eat plenty of fiber), can do this, I know you can, no matter who (or what) you are. Will you join me for the adventure of a lifetime? Will you set out with me on the journey of the creative? Sure, there will be some setbacks, some switchbacks, some tough uphill treks, but when we crest the peak, I promise the view will make it all worthwhile.

One more thing: this isn’t about me, this site, all of it. Sure, I’ll be running the place, but it’s about something bigger than me, bigger than you. It’s about a conversation, a community. After all, any creative work we are part of should ultimately point to something else, something grand, something beyond ourselves. I hope this website is no exception.


To give you an idea of where this road is headed, here are some of my goals:

  • Keep it short: like it or not, people have short attention spans and creatives are often busy being creative.
  • Be practical: creativity is just as much about learning as it is about doing, I’d say with a heavier lean toward the “doing” department. Even a simple takeaway can be an important step in the process.
  • Promote thoughtfulness: you’ll have something to ponder as you go on your merry way (and hopefully you’ll return with something to offer us).
  • Entertain: a healthy person knows how to laugh and how to cry (I’m still finding the balance there). It’s easier to learn when we’re entertained. Not all entertainment brings laughter, but hopefully everything you find here, whatever the mood, will provide a measure of interest and/or amusement.
  • Be honest: it’s not easy, but it’s needed. Honesty is an important attribute, today more than ever, yet it must be balanced with integrity and respect. I hope you will find a healthy blend of the three here. I’ll share as much as I can with you about my personal life and experiences as they pertain to the topics at hand. And I’m always open to suggestions, corrections and queries.

Yes, this whole shebang is a big ol' work in progress, but hey, what isn’t?


I leave you with a quote I found on the little paper attached to a teabag:


Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

- unknown


Creatively yours,

A.P. Lambert


Hey Creatives, what is one thing you’ve been planning to start doing for 2017? Let us know in the comments below.