Radiolab: color & marrow


For this week, a couple recommendations, both from the Radiolab podcast:


All sorts of fascinating stories and discoveries about colors, including the one animal that can see more colors than any other, some people who have additional color sense, and why Homer (The Odyssey one, not Simpson) never mentions the color blue. All fascinating stuff from a creativity standpoint.

Match Made in Marrow

A story of a bone marrow donor, the man she saved and where their unique connection has led them. I found both the presentation and the story itself unique and intriguing. I hope you will as well.

There you have it. You're welcome and enjoy!

info magic

For this week’s Fun Friday, I’d like to give another recommendation, one which is actually related to the Thoughtful Tuesday post this week.

I’ve listened off and on to the Note to Self podcast, which is about technology and the way we use it today. Last year, they did a fascinating series on information overload, how it affects us and how to manage it. They called it "Infomagical" (and it was most glorious).

If this is a topic of interest to you, then you should definitely, probably, totally check it out:

Oh, and they interview a bunch of experts, so you know it has to be helpful.


Hey Creatives, what are your methods for limiting information overload? Let us know in the comments below.